Got a Trip Coming Up? Four Benefits of SmartPark’s Off-Site Airport Parking

At SmartPark we know you have enough to worry about when preparing for a trip. So, it’s our goal to make parking the most stress-free part of your voyage! Go ahead and spend your worry on packing your underwear, toothbrush and the right clothes for the weather you may encounter – and know SmartPark has got your back at JFK and LGA!

Here’s some ways parking at an off-site facility like SmartPark can make your traveling experience easier:

  1. Knowledge of Airport

You know what a nightmare it can be navigating around the airport and finding the right terminal. Lucky for you we travel these roads everyday and know all the in’s and out’s! Tell our shuttle driver where you need to be and you’ll be delivered safe and sound to the correct drop-off point.

  1. Convenience

No need to circle any lots or worry about the public parking areas having enough room to accommodate you. Reserve in advance through our website and your spot is secured. No circling, no waiting, no hassle!

  1. Security

Our secure lots utilize the latest digital surveillance with web-based technology. Guest vehicles never leave the fenced parking area and our staff is on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your protection. Be confident with SmartPark!

  1. Rewards

Every 7th day at SmartPark is always free – but only when you book direct with us! Reward members also earn automatic points for a free day (one day = one point). Earn seven points and get a free day on your next reservation! So by parking for 8 days, the 7th is free – plus you get a free day on your next reservation – or you can bank points for a later trip!

You can’t beat the added benefits of parking with us, so make the SMART choice!

Before Airport Parking, Don’t Forget These Eco-Friendly Driving Tips

At SmartPark we take care of your car while you’re away, but what can you do to help Mother Nature before you pull into our lot?  There’s a bunch of simple guidelines you can follow to save yourself money while doing a part to save your vehicle’s impact on the environment.

It’s no secret that vehicles contribute to pollution, but research says that only 25% of cars and trucks are causing about 90% of the problem. And that’s because of poor maintenance and inefficient driving habits.

So is your car a culprit or is it a mean, clean driving machine?

Packing on the Pounds?

Hauling extra weight can reduce your fuel efficiency. Sure, keep that emergency kit in your trunk but let’s not use it as a permanent storage area.  If it’s not necessary, find a new home for it.

On the outside, roof racks with luggage in them increase wind resistance and can decrease fuel efficiency. If possible, use a rear-mounted cargo box instead of a roof-mounted one. Research shows that at highway speeds, roof-mounted boxes can reduce fuel economy by 6 to 17%.

An Idle Situation

Idling uses more fuel than restarting your car does. It gives off 80% more pollution than when your car is moving and can even generate a ticket in some areas. If you’re staying put for a minute or more, consider turning off your engine.

More and more vehicles are now coming equipped with stop-start systems. This helps a vehicle conserve fuel by automatically shutting off the engine when the car comes to a stop. It then restarts once you take your foot off the brake.

Ozone Alerts

Air quality alert days are when ozone becomes concentrated near the ground. This makes the air difficult to breathe and emissions make it worse. Try to gas-up in the later part of the day. High temperatures and low wind can convert vapors into pollutants.

Hey, Speedy Gonzales!

As New Yorkers, we’re all in a rush. But did you know that once you reach 50 mph, you lose fuel efficiency?  And for those at 85 mph, you can safely assume that only gets worse! Ease off a bit without causing an unsafe situation.  Avoid accelerating quickly, don’t ride your brakes and use cruise control when possible.

Tire Pressure and Maintenance

Check your manual or sticker on the inside of your driver side door to see what your tire pressure should be.  Underinflated tires can cause fuel consumption to increase by as much as 3%. Plus, poor inflation is more likely to lead to a blow out and cause an accident.

It’s always ideal to follow a prescribed maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. We want to get you into our lot in the safest and greenest manner possible.  Are you doing your part on a daily basis?

SmartPark JFK and LaGuardia are here to make your parking experience as easy and pleasurable as possible.  With the best prices and most benefits when booking direct with, we invite you to visit our website to make your hassle-free reservation today!

Check Out These Parking Fun Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

We know airport travel and parking can sometimes cause a little unease, but your friends here at SmartPark JFK and LaGuardia are here to make your parking experience as easy and pleasurable as possible. With the best prices and most benefits when booking direct with, we do all we can for you on our end.

With that said, we want to share with you some fun facts about parking around the world that are quite fascinating. Ok, we admit we are parking geeks, so you may not get as excited as us, but check these out.

  • The estimated total number of parking spots in the United States is 2 billion with a third of them comprised of spots in parking lots.
  • The first parking meter in the world was installed in Oklahoma on July 16, 1935 at a rate of five cents per hour. That’s just a tad lower than you’d find today, right?
  • The most expensive car ever to be issued a parking ticket was a million vintage Ferrari in London in April 2016. Boy, we’d sure like to be fortunate enough to pay that ticket.
  • The most expensive permanent parking spots in the world are in New York City where a parking unit can cost up to $1 million. Don’t worry – our daily rates are much, much cheaper!
  • The world’s largest parking lot is located in Edmonton, Canada at the West Edmonton Mall and boasts over 30,000 parking spots.
  • The 4th-6th largest parking lots in the United States belong to theme parks – Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (11,000), Universal Studios Florida (10.200) and Disney Land (10,000). At least those have some cool trams to get you around.
  • Most of the other biggest lots belong to airports as Seattle’s Tacoma Airport takes the number two spot in North America with a 13,000 space parking garage. Detroit, Chicago and Dallas also make the top ten.